Madrid’s cannabis clubs are the talk of the city, and weed enthusiasts from all over the world gather there to consume the best Cannabis the country has to offer. Over time, the trend of smoking weed has become popular on Madrid’s streets. As a result, several Cannabis social clubs have arisen inside the city wall, providing members with a secure environment where they may do so without having to worry about weed’s legal status.

These weed establishments in Madrid welcome visitors from all over the world, inviting them to enjoy top-shelf Pot in the city. These Cannabis clubs provide safe havens for everyone because it is completely legal to consume weed in a private setting, despite the fact that smoking it in public is against the law and may result in fines.

Coffee shops in Madrid are very exclusive, making it challenging for someone unfamiliar with the concept of these clubs to become a member. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about Madrid’s most well-known cannabis clubs. Our selection of today’s headlines offers the greatest guide to these places.

How to Join a Weed Club in Madrid ?

Cannabis clubs are required to only let members inside, so visitors cannot just show up at the door and expect to be in. Only the club’s members are permitted entry, so if you want to visit one of the city’s finest coffee shops , you’ll need a sponsor to become a member of one of Madrid’s weed clubs.

Sponsors, like ourselves, provide hassle-free way to join the most elite Weed clubs in Madrid.


Here is how you can get in touch with us, and get an Invitation to visit a Coffee shop in Madrid  as a tourist :

  • Choose one or more clubs you want to visit and click on “Get Membership“.

  • When requested to provide personal information, be sure to do it completely in order to speed up and simplify the procedure.

  • You’ll get an invitation to the preferred Cannabis club in Madrid in only a few minutes.

  • You can go to the club after receiving the invitation.
    You will be required to SHOW the sponsor’s invitation throughout the onboarding process, so be sure to bring it with you.

  • You will then be required to pay a membership fee to join this special club.

After receiving your membership card, you are now a distinguished member and can have full access to the club .

Weed Clubs near Me

Is smoking Weed Legal in Madrid ?

The legality of smoking weed in Madrid is one of the most commonly asked questions, so it’s crucial to be aware of the city’s smoking regulations if you intend to visit and use Cannabis there. The regulatory authorities state that while it is illegal to smoke weed in public, it is legal to do so in private, enclosed spaces.

Weed clubs are the best places to use cannabis because it is inappropriate to smoke weed in public and doing so could result in fines. Furthermore, since the government only permits a maximum of 2 Cannabis plants per home, having huge amounts of the plant is also illegal.

Joining a city-based cannabis club and stopping by sometimes to satisfy your cravings is the ideal way to consume cannabis. You can smoke as much as you want without worrying about the law as cannabis clubs are completely legal.

What is a Cannabis social Club?


Cannabis lovers can enjoy their favorite weed in a safe, regulated setting at cannabis social clubs in Madrid, which are very exclusive locations. Due to their exclusivity, these Cannabis clubs are quite difficult to access because membership is required by local rules.

To access these places, both locals and visitors must apply for memberships. Anyone who wants to join a Cannabis club in Madrid  can do so by interacting with sponsors like Cannabis Madrid.

Cannabis clubs are created to provide a location where people from all over the world can enjoy locally grown weed and its derivatives. They are non-profit organizations. Before being admitted to the Cannabis club, members must enroll in the annual subscriber program. Even visitors who only want to attend these clubs once are expected to sign up for membership.

How much cost weed Clubs memberships ?

asociacion cannabica Madrid

The cost of yearly membership varies from club to club, but in general, you may join these clubs for anywhere between 20 to 50 Euros. High-end clubs with costly preferences could cost much more, so get in touch with us and request an estimate just to be sure.

Beware of local tourist traps, which are many and could get you into trouble, while searching for Cannabis clubs. Always follow the instructions provided by the sponsors to ensure that the information you have is accurate. The city’s booming tourism industry has led to an increase in street scams, many of which target tourists. It is best to gather your knowledge from reliable sources rather than believing someone who offers you a membership to a cannabis club for a very low price.

Additionally, the products you’ll enjoy within the club are not included in the membership fee, so you’ll need to keep some cash on hand to pay for your favorite treats , since the majority of cannabis clubs do not accept credit or debit cards, having cash on hand is crucial.

Who can Join a Cannabis social Club?

Only adults are permitted to join weed clubs in Madrid, according to local rules, which means that potential members must be at least 21 years old and, in some situations, at least 18 years oldMadrid‘s cannabis clubs are extremely well-liked by tourists since they welcome guests from all over the world, regardless of their nationality.

According to the local regulations, there are certain rules and prerequisites that must be kept in mind before you are eligible to join a Cannabis club. If you want to become a member of a Cannabis club in Madrid, here are a few things that you will want to keep in mind:

  • Because it is against local rules to apply for membership directly to a club, you can only join the Cannabis clubs of Madrid through a Sponsor or a referral from an existing member. If you’re a visitor to the area, get in touch with us to learn how to receive an endorsement and qualify for club membership.
  • The club owners have the option of interviewing you before granting you club membership. Be on your best behavior to be granted the exclusive membership to the club because certain clubs are quite exclusive and difficult to get into.
  • Learn about the country’s cannabis regulations, especially if you’re a visitor because you risk paying a lot of money in fines if you don’t follow the rules.
    All new members must have a government-issued ID with them at all times because they will not be admitted to the club without one.
  • You can enter the Cannabis club by just showing your membership card at the front desk once you have gotten one from the club in the future.

How would you describe the atmosphere in a weed club?

Social Club Madrid

Weed clubs in Madrid prefer to create a distinctive setting so members can find pleasure in smoking in a natural setting. Some cannabis clubs want to create a gothic atmosphere, which is excellent for people who prefer to smoke Weed discreetly in a corner. Other than that, you can expect seeing some of the greatest minimalistic settings with faultless architecture and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages you to socialize with other people .

Most weed clubs go to great lengths to make their visitors’ experiences enjoyable, and this undoubtedly lifts their mood. The highly professional and welcoming personnel at these clubs reflects the excellent hospitality of the locals. The members of the club are similarly approachable and frequently outgoing, which provides you with a fantastic opportunity to establish new relationships and forge lifelong memories with other enthusiasts.

Coffee Shops in Madrid maintain a clean and organized environment, unlike other clubs, and you won’t likely encounter any insanity there. And if you’re a visitor, do your part, have a positive attitude toward the club’s members, and act appropriately to ensure that you add to the club’s positive energy.

What Products are available in a weed club in madrid ?

You can choose from a broad variety of cannabis-derived  products in Madrid’s cannabis clubs, all of which have different tastes and potencies. The majority of social clubs in Madrid provide, among other things:

tips When Visiting a Cannabis Club in Madrid

First time into a cannabis club? To ensure that your time at the club is both safe and enjoyable, bear in mind the following advice.

Bring your Invitation


Spanish legislation only permits the use of weed inside the walls of a cannabis club or in a private, enclosed location like a home or apartment. In light of this, Spanish law states that: Signboards and advertisements are prohibited; Cannabis social clubs and their locations must be off-limits to the general public.

Furthermore, unlike Amsterdam’s coffee shops, you cannot enter without an invitation letter; you will be turned away. Two ways exist for you to join the club:

You can either receive an invitation from a current member who can attest to the fact that you have already used weed, or you can obtain one directly from the club.
This legislative strategy limits the spread of cannabis culture, particularly among kids and teenagers, but it makes weed available and legal for adults who are both Kingdom citizens and visitors.

Avoid Going to Clubs with Bad Reviews

Always be on the watch for red flags when it comes to cannabis clubs, and if you have read negative reviews about one, avoid going there or signing up for a membership because you can experience the same outcome and poor service.

Ask your sponsors for their opinions on the club if you have any questions or if you are unsure about it. You can also ask your sponsors to suggest some of the best Cannabis clubs to hang out and experience locally-grown Cannabis if you are new to the city and are unfamiliar with the greatest places.

Get Weed from Reception Only

cannabis social club in madrid centro

Well first of all, since cannabis clubs are non-profit organizations and cannot legally sell you anything, never request to “buy” any cannabis products. Use terms like “have” or “acquire” instead to ensure that you respect the club’s rules and are being kind to the staff by sticking by them. Next, only buy marijuana from the reception; avoid dealing with anyone who tries to sell you marijuana within the club or outside.

Don’t take weed Outside the Club

Respect local regulations and refrain from using or possessing cannabis outside of the cannabis club. Cannabis use in public places is prohibited, and if you break any local regulations, you could face fines from the government. Being caught up in legal issues should be the last thing on your mind, especially if you’re a tourist.

Don’t be too loud

Cannabis clubs are designed to provide a setting where people may unwind and consume quietly. Being loud could ruin their experience, make them dislike you, and discourage them from interacting with you. Additionally, if someone complains to the management that your manners are ruining their pleasure, you will be warned and, if the offense is repeated, you risk being forbidden from ever attending the club. When entering a club, remember to act appropriately and have fun.


You must become a member of the club in order to visit; otherwise, you will not be authorized. All Cannabis clubs are required by the regulatory authorities to provide memberships to interested individuals and to keep doors closed to anyone without a membership.

A word of caution: Before entering a cannabis club, make sure you have an invitation from your sponsor. If you don’t, you won’t be permitted in.

Since it is illegal to carry cannabis outside with you, cannabis clubs expect you to smoke the entire amount inside. As was previously mentioned, it is still illegal to smoke marijuana in public in the country, so you risk getting into violation of the law.

While you can take marijuana with you at your own risk, it is best to leave any leftovers behind and continue your trip without stress because it is not a great idea to have marijuana on you while traveling abroad.

The majority of coffeeshops in Madrid have an age limit of 18 or above. Keep your government-issued ID on you at all times to verify that you are older than the required age to prevent embarrassment. Additionally, some exotic clubs have a 21-year-old minimum age restriction, so check before you go. If you’re under 21, you could not be allowed inside the club.

You are only permitted to enter single club if you have paid for single club’s annual membership. If you do not have membership, you will not be allowed inside of other cannabis clubs. 
You must join the membership if you wish to frequent different Cannabis bars in Madrid.

Visitors must provide the club staff with their personal information and an ID that has been issued by a state during the onboarding process. Once you’ve been accepted as a member, all of your information is securely saved, and only a select group of club members have access to it, so it is completely secure.