WEED Club in Madrid

Madrid Social Club in SALAMANCA DISTRICT

About The Club

Near the Plaza de las Ventas in Madrid, a private cannabis association called Weed Club Salamanca offers marijuana for both recreational and medical use. You will find a sizable space to spend time in happiness and comfort at Weed Club Salamanca Madrid. With all the comforts, such as wifi, TV, and other wonderful amenities, the location provides a cozy ambiance that makes you feel at home. Additionally, they provide a variety of high-quality Sativa, Indica.

The staff at Weed Club Salamanca Madrid will look after you in the best possible manner, responsibly, and with the goal of making the establishment a place for relaxation and where you can discuss marijuana, cultivation, and various other topics.

Requirements to Become a Member

  • You must be at least 21 years old.
  • Membership requires official identification
  • A membership to the club is 20 euros per person, which must be paid At the reception.
  • The only way to be allowed to become a member is to Have an Invitation.
  • This club’s membership is valid for a whole year. Once a member, you are free to come and go as often as you wish.

Opening Hours :

EVERYDAY FROM 11:30 TO 22:30

Follow these steps to Become a weed club member

You only have to keep these 5 simple steps in mind to pre-register yourself to a Weed Club in Madrid :

  1. Pick a day for your first visit to the Club.
  2. Please wait for our Bar Code invitation on your email.
  3. Head to the club with your Invitation and ID ! 
  4. Show the Bar Code Invitation to the receptionist or the Email you received from us ,
  5. Pay the membership fee (20 euros) of the Cannabis Club, and get your members card.


Excited about visiting the most exclusive Weed Club in Madrid? Fill out the form to get in contact and we’ll help you get an invitation to the best Weed club in Madrid where you can eat, drink, smoke, and enjoy the hospitality of the locals.

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